The World War III is very close - also The Warning and The Second Coming of Jesus Christ !!!

July 2015

If we read the messages of the Book of Truth carefully, then we know that the Antichrist has to appear on the world stage very soon. But first, the World War must happen, because the Antichrist will bring an end to the war. If we read the messages about the war, then we know that the harvest will go lost and then the third Seal, which means famine, will open.

The prophecy about the economic catastrophe affecting Greece, and eventually entire Europe, is now unfolding. The tensions between Russia and Europe on the one hand and China and the US on the other hand, have never been so high. The military are ramping up their exercises and their presence along the borders with Russia and the crisis in Ukraine is only getting worse.

The wars in the Middle East are accelarating, ISIS is expanding every day, they are almost at the borders of Israel and their atrocities are getting more and more gruesome. And in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is now calling for armed rebellion against the authorities. And last but not least, the so called “nuclear agreement” between Iran and the West (deadline of this agreement was on June 30th) will very likely provoke a war between Israel and Iran.

So, our conclusion is: the World War III has to take place very soon, and we expect the Antichrist to appear very soon.

In the message 489 of July 13th 2012 we read that the Warning will take place before the World War or in the World War, so it is very close now!

The upcoming ‘synod’ in October 2015 is also important to keep in mind, because our beloved Mother said on July 25th 2013 (Book of Truth, message 857) that when the Antichrist appears publicly, everything in the Church will change rapidly.

Be prepared and stay alert at all times! Make sure you pray the Seal of the Living God (Cruzade Prayer 33) every day and you have stockpiled some food. Praying the Crusade Prayers can dilute much of this.

We don’t want to cause panic, but we just want to urge people to prepare themselves. Better a little early than too late.

Excerpts from the Book of Truth:

The Lord on June 11th 2011 (Book of Truth, message 111):

My great Mercy will destroy the effect that Satan has over My children. I come yet again to save you from his clutches. My Gift of The Warning will dilute the terror that would have continued to gain momentum were this not to take place.

Also on June 11th 2011 (Book of Truth, message 112):

All of the wars you see taking place in the Middle East and beyond have been orchestrated. They are not a coincidence. Understand that so many countries at once did not rise up on their own, they were helped by the evil group in all governments, those governments who control the world. These leaders in the Middle East are now being removed to make way for the liberators, those who will proclaim justice and peaceful means to help My children. But that is not their intention. Their intention is to take control of My beloved people, the Jews, who are under threat now on all sides. All of these events will be interrupted by The Warning.

On July 13th 2012 (Book of Truth, message 489):

If most of humanity repents, then the Great Tribulation will not be as difficult. The World War will not have the same impact if the majority of people repent after The Warning. After the world war will come the famine and then the plagues. Yet, prayer can mitigate the chastisement. Pray hard so that the War, and the chastisement which will follow it, can be diluted and averted.

The Lord on February 20th 2013 (Book of Truth, message 715):

You must await now My Divine Act of Mercy, for it will weed out the good from the wicked. This great Illumination of Conscience (The Warning) will take place after My Holy Vicar has left Rome. Prepare to salvage your souls.

On March 10th 2012 (Book of Truth, message 372):

My dearly beloved daughter it is time for the second seal to open as wars will increase and spread. The avenging dark angel comes from one source My daughter and these wars are all connected. They did not happen because of regional unrest they were planned by the west. These wars have been ignited, deliberately, in order to control and many of these nations are painted as demonic with lies spread about their political leaders. Children these wars have been cunningly set up, all at once, the objective being to remove leader after leader. Peaceful solutions will be presented and applauded but they are false. You, My children, are being deceived. Rumour of war is just that – rumour. How do rumours start? Who starts them and why? Why do you think so many countries became embroiled in these wars at the same time? This was not a coincidence. There is a plan being organised by the Antichrist to control and conquer these nations who have rich resources. Once they control these countries they will become very powerful.
As these wars increase and become wearisome then the antichrist will make himself known as the peaceful negotiator.

On May 16th 2012 (Book of Truth, message 431):

The Second Seal is about to unfold as foretold to John the Evangelist in the Book of Revelation. It will start in Europe. Your banking system will be the cause and Germany, once again, will be involved in this tragedy as it was on the last two occasions. When it commences much will be over saving the economy and catastrophe will affect Greece with much fallout in France. The Middle East will also be involved with Israel and Iran at war and Syria will play a serious part in the downfall of Egypt. My daughter I wake you to tell you this, not to frighten you, but to urge much prayer for Europe at this time. Because of war and lack of money, much of the harvest will be lost and this will lead to the opening of the Third Seal, which means famine. This is why I now urge all of God’s children to try to stockpile dried and non-perishable food to feed your families. It is important to grow your own harvest if possible. Remember, however, that prayer can mitigate much of this suffering.

The effect of this war will be that My Catholic Church on earth will be sucked into a one world church, in the name of unification. This unification, or false peace, will become a reality after the antichrist appears to create a false peace and a so called end to the war. This peaceful pact will involve the western world until China and Russia become involved with world matters. They will pose a threat to the ‘Beast with the Ten Horns’, Europe, and will overcome them to introduce communism. The ‘Red Dragon’, China, already gains a strong foothold in the world because of their control of the world’s finances. The Red Dragon and “The Bear” which is Russia do not love God. They are being led by the antichrist who is from the East and who hides behind closed doors. When these prophesies unfold the whole world will believe in these messages. There will be no doubts then.

My Remnant Church, you My children, will survive although it will not be easy. You will be bullied because of your Christianity but you will never denounce Me or reject Me. For this you will be given Gifts. My Gift of the Seal of the Living God will render you invisible to your enemies. Recite it every day from now on. Keep it before you in your homes and have it Blessed by a priest. Begin your preparation soon for the day of the fallout in Europe is not far away.

On June 1st 2012 (Book of Truth, message 449):

My dearly beloved daughter the Antichrist is preparing, already, his peace plan which he will introduce soon after the wars become widespread in the Middle East and when the pain and terrible anguish means there is no sign of hope. Then he will appear suddenly and announce himself to the world as a man of peace, a bright jewel which will sparkle in the midst of darkness. As he emerges he will be seen as one of the most charismatic political leaders of all time.

On July 20th 2012 (Book of Truth, message 499):

My dearly beloved daughter the three and a half years remaining in the Tribulation period commences in December 2012. This is the period when the Antichrist will emerge as a military hero.
(Dec 2012 + 3,5 = Jun 2016)

His soul has been given over to Satan who possesses every part of him. The powers he will possess means, that in time he, will be seen not just as the man of peace but people will think he is I, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of Mankind. They will also, in time, believe that the antichrist has been sent to herald The Second Coming. So many poor souls will, therefore, willingly accept his mark, the Mark of the Beast. For he is the beast in every way because of the way in which Satan will manifest himself in his body. He will perform miracles in the sky. He will heal people. He will be head of the New World Religion and he, and the False Prophet, who will head up the shell of the Catholic Church on earth will work closely to deceive all of God’s children. The world will soon be presented with the most deceitful lie which is impossible for mankind to grasp at this stage. For those of you who are being given the Book of Truth, these My Holy messages to the warn humanity of these things, know this. So sophisticated will their plan be, that many will be fooled by the loving humane exterior which they will present to the world of their wicked plan. The Antichrist and the False Prophet, between them, are already finishing planning their wicked reign and the first thing they will bring about will be the escalation of the war in the Middle East. The Antichrist will be the main man pulling the strings in the background. Then he will come forth and be seen to broker a peace plan. It will be then when the world will fall under his spell. Meanwhile the False Prophet will seize power within the Catholic Church. Very soon it will be sucked into the New World Religion, a front for satanic worship. Worship of self will be the fundamental aim of this abomination and the introduction of laws, which amount to two things. The abolition of the sacraments and the abolition of sin. The Sacraments will only truly be available from those priests and other Christian Clergy who remain loyal to Me. They will offer these Sacraments in special refuge churches. The abolition of sin will be introduced through the introduction of laws which will be seen to endorse tolerance. They include abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriages. Churches will be forced to allow same sex marriages and priests will be forced to bless them in My Eyes. During this time they will continue to say their own version of the Holy Mass. Their offering of the Holy Eucharist, when they will desecrate the Host, will be held in Catholic churches. My Presence will not only be missing in such Masses but it will be missing in the very churches where they dishonour Me. All of these matters will be very frightening for My followers. You will no longer be able to benefit from the Sacraments except from the priests in My Remnant Church on earth. This is why I give you Gifts now, such as the Plenary Indulgence, for the absolution of your sins. It is not meant to replace the Act of Confession for Catholics. It will be a way in which you can remain in a state of grace. Although billions of people will convert during The Warning, these prophecies will still unfold. But much of them can be diluted through prayer to reduce the suffering and the persecution. You, My followers, remember, are protected at all times by the Seal of the Living God. You must spread the Seal and get it to as many people as possible. Please understand that I tell you these things to prepare you so that you can prevent as many souls as possible from accepting the Mark of the Beast. Satan will use the power of possession in those souls who take the Mark and it will be very difficult to save them. You will be instructed every step of the way, My followers, through this mission. You must not allow fear to enter your hearts for I will fill you with the courage, the strength, the stamina and the confidence to rise with your heads held high as you march in My Army. Remember Satan cannot win this battle for it can never be. Only those with the Seal of the Living God and those who remain loyal and steadfast to God can win.

December 25th 2012 (Book of Truth, message 657):

My dearly beloved daughter, My Plan of Salvation for the world, began in My Time, on the 22 December 2012. This time in the world is Mine, as I gather all God’s children together as one, as the great battle begins. This period of Great Tribulation will last some time. The wars will escalate until the big war is declared and the world will change. All nations will witness the changes. You must be prepared for this and be accepting, for all these things must happen before My Second Coming.

Mother of Salvation on January 18th 2013 (Book of Truth, message 679):

The World War is being staged and soon it will reveal the ugliness, which lies in the hearts of world leaders, who are united, as if by an umbilical cord. One feeds the other, but soon none will remain a leader in their own nations, because they will only answer to one master, the Antichrist. To many, the world may seem the same, but, it is not. It is because of the evil, brought about by the demons incarnate who wander the corridors of power, that the whole of humanity will suffer. The power, held by these slaves to evil leaders, will mean that civil rights will disappear. The signs can already be seen. Soon, they will all be abolished and you will have to trust in my Son, and surrender to Him, so that you can withstand the injustices, which you will have to bear witness to.

The Lord on March 16th 2013 (Book of Truth, message 736):

Wars will take root and roll out like storms in the desert, where they will gain momentum and catch all of those who feel that their peace is guaranteed, like a thief in the night. So many countries will be involved that it will take everyone by surprise. Soon the antichrist will make himself known in the midst of the carnage. Confusion, fear and loss of crops will compound the problem. Not long after, the Third Seal will be revealed when man will scramble for food as famines grip humanity. Starved of food, starved of spirit, starved of help, mankind will grasp at anything or anyone, which offers respite. The stage will have been set for the antichrist to arrive and announce himself to the world. By this time, mankind will be so relieved because of the man of peace, who offers so much hope, that they will become his willing slaves. They will fall for his elaborate plan to restructure the world and bring all nations together. The plan, they will be told, will be for the good of all and to rid the world of terrorism. The enemies, he will say he fights, and whom he will exert control over, are innocent victims used by him in the deceit, which he will present to the world. When peace, or what seems like a truce, is restored, then will come the next stage, the unity of all nations, all religions, all countries, into one. This is when the union between the false prophet and the antichrist will become clear.

God the Father on July 10th 2013 (Book of Truth, message 844):

My dearest daughter, wars will break out all over the Middle East and soon My beloved Israel will suffer a terrible abomination. Lives will be lost throughout this part of the world on a very large scale, as the spirit of evil devours the lives and in many cases the souls of My children. My children’s hatred for each other will spill out into other countries, as the Battle of Armageddon intensifies and grows, until it will engulf the world everywhere. The hatred, caused as a result of the infestation of Satan and his demons, will become a sign so visible that very few souls, irrespective of what belief they hold for Me, the Creator of all that is, will fail to feel the spirit of evil, which spreads like a deadly virus. Wars, many of them, including battles within governments of all nations, will erupt all at the same time. As My Hands have already descended in mild punishments, know that I will crush those who hurt My children. This is when the battle for souls will increase and it will spread in many ways. The lies you are being fed about your economy are designed to fool you and strip you of what you own. Pray, pray, pray that I will stop those who control your currencies from taking everything you own away from you. Know that while My Right Hand casts down chastisements against the wicked, My Left Hand will lift and take you under My Protection and I will provide for you. The changes foretold in My Holy Book are now presented to the world. Battles will rage, lives will be lost, lands will suffer ecological turmoil, crops will fail and many of you will be persecuted by your governments. The worst battle will be a spiritual one where every effort will be made to turn you against Me.

Our Mother of Salvation on September 6th 2013 (Book of Truth, message 906):

My dear child, I must, on the instructions of my Son, Jesus Christ, reveal that the wars, which will unfold now, in the Middle East, will herald the great battle, as a new, bitter world war will be declared. How this breaks the Sacred Heart of my poor suffering Son. The hatred, which infuses the hearts of those leaders, entrusted with the responsibility of running their countries, by ordinary people, will spread. They will betray their own nations. Millions will be killed and many nations will be involved. You must know that the souls of those who will be murdered and who are innocent of any crime will be saved by my Son. The speed of these wars will escalate and no sooner will four parts of the world become involved than the Great War will be announced. Sadly, nuclear weapons will be used and many will suffer. It will be a frightening war, but it will not last long. Pray, pray, pray for all the innocent souls and continue to recite my Most Holy Rosary, three times a day, in order to ease the suffering, which will result because of World War III.

Other sources:

St. Michael The Archangel, to a stigmatized woman in Brazil on April 5th 2015:

Great battle will take place on all the face of the Earth, fights that ever men understand its vastness because this is a spiritual fight, in which God will cast away the great dragon, who wants to cover the world with his evil wings, and with his diabolical power wants and has dominated men's minds, making them corrupt and bad, but now has come the great time of the Almighty God, that He will show to all mankind his Power, His Glory. ...
A Great sign will be the shown for all humanity in the year of the major event for humanity, in the fulfilling year of the apparition of Fatima (2017).
Pray in those three years: 2015, 2016, 2017! Pray, pray and pray and stay alert to these great events! ...



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