146. August 2011 Salvation of Souls month

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 146 
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Saturday  23 July 2011, 17:30 – 17:40

My beloved daughter you make me so happy. Your total surrender now means that I can save more souls everywhere. A victim soul, My daughter is not entirely clear to you as to its full meaning but, in time, it will. By then you will be so strong that to suffer for Me will bring you joy not sadness. It will not be easy but then working for Me, your beloved Saviour, can not be easy.

It was by the inspiration of God, My Eternal Father that you were encouraged to make this final sacrifice for Me. This is a very special grace My daughter although it won’t appear to be in human terms for My graces are not always about bringing joy and happiness into your life. They can bring suffering but, at the same time, provide you with a real insight into My Glorious Kingdom.

Many many people in the world form My precious army. They will through prayer, personal suffering and the spread of My word save souls. The stronger My army is at saving souls the less the impact will be of the Chastisement.

I ask all My children to spend the month of August praying the Divine Mercy daily for the lost souls who will not survive The Warning. One day of fasting a week is also required as well as daily Mass and the receiving of My Most Holy Eucharist.

If enough of you do this in which I call “Salvation of souls” month then millions of souls will be saved thoughout the world. Do this for Me children and you will become part of My Glorious Kingdom. Your souls, at the point of death, will join Me in Paradise. That is My most solemn promise.

I love you Children. Now go and form the most powerful army in the world. The Army of Love. The army of Salvation.

Your Loving Saviour Redeemer of Mankind, Jesus Christ


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