4. Second Message from the Virgin Mary

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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Thursday 11th November 2010 12.20am

You, my strong child of God, are very special. I will always work with you for you have  seen both sides of life here on earth. You, my child have to comprehend what God’s work is all about. Bless you my loved one and thank you.

Yes, my sweet child, you have been given the graces for your work. The moment the Holy Spirit entered your soul you were ready to work.

My unconditional love for you will make you stronger as the days pass. Please don’t worry as it is a negative emotion and will only hold you back. Pray to me your eternal Mother every day. I will never leave you or let you down with your work. You my sweet child have been given a very special gift and now you must use it in the way you only know how to. Yes my child I understand that this is very frightening for you at this time. Always be assured I am with you every step on your journey. Peace be yours. In your heart. I shall dwell always. Bless you my child and thank you for responding.

Mother of Peace and Hope Maria


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