The Book of the Truth / 2015

The Book of Truth_1305_The only danger to humanity is man himself
The Book of Truth_1306_Mother of Salvation: Many substitutions will take place until the new religion is eventually formed
The Book of Truth_1307_Thunder and lightning will descend upon the Temple of the Lord
The Book of Truth_1308_Those who exalt themselves before Me but speak evil of others will be cut off from Me
The Book of Truth_1309_Without Me, death of the body and the soul would claim the entire human race
The Book of Truth_1310_Mother of Salvation: You either accept the Word of God, laid down by Him, or you do not
The Book of Truth_1311_When love is missing I am absent in the soul
The Book of Truth_1312_God the Most High: My Power exceeds all that is of this world and beyond it
The Book of Truth_1313_Trust is the key to true love
The Book of Truth_1314_They justify sin so they do not have to change their lives
The Book of Truth_1315_I need you just as you need Me
The Book of Truth_1316_Only I know the day or the hour when you will take your last breath
The Book of Truth_1317_Mother of Salvation: people choose their own destiny
The Book of Truth_1318_The Warning will help the world to fight the greatest apostasy of all time
The Book of Truth_1319_With wisdom comes the ability to see the Truth
The Book of Truth_1320_God is Omnipresent – He is everywhere
The Book of Truth_1321_Mother of Salvation: the influence of the secular world is akin to that of a great flood
The Book of Truth_1322_God the Father: I will embrace every person, race, creed and religion
The Book of Truth_1323_You either love Me according to My Word or not at all
The Book of Truth_1324_The Holy Bible will become almost impossible to find
The Book of Truth_1325_Enoch and Elijah will not be present in human form
The Book of Truth_1326_Soon the skies will split and the Fire of the Holy Spirit will be upon you
The Book of Truth_1327_I Am your only real solace in a world which is against Me
The Book of Truth_1328_The spirit of evil is more powerful than the will of man
The Book of Truth_1329_Mother of Salvation: Pray for the protection of my Son’s Church on earth
The Book of Truth_1330_I can reveal only so much to you before I separate the sheep from the goats
The Book of Truth_1331_Prayer terrifies the evil one
The Book of Truth_1332_My Mission to save humanity is almost complete
The Book of Truth_1333_Mother of Salvation: Courage, my dear children, all is in the Hands of my Son
The Book of Truth_1334_My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you
The Book of Truth_1335_Never before, since My Crucifixion, has Christianity endured such persecution