8. Sign of the End Times – But Glory will Return to Earth

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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Sunday 14th November 2010 11pm

My dear daughter do not feel guilty for the doubts you have felt today. This is natural. Your understanding of spiritual matters is not as strong as it should be but that is okay.

I will guide you and you will understand, in time, the purpose of your mission. I need you to keep strong in your work and your obedience to Me. This is a difficult task and one that will be emotionally draining for you I am sending you a spiritual director to help you cope with the enormity of the task that must be completed. Such is the task that without this work more souls will be lost to The Evil One. My daughter, you have committed to this task before I sent for you to do this work.

I am guiding your spiritual director. He will know the truth when you speak. By now you will have gleaned just some of the sins of mankind in the last two days in a way not possible for you up to now. Did you see the difference? Did you feel strange when you looked at My children? You saw them in a different light did you not? That is the power of the Holy Spirit which I have blessed you with.

The love you felt in your heart for My children and the priest you saw at Mass today is also the gift I give you with the power of the Holy Spirit. You will see, feel and hear the sins of mankind now to such an extent that you will feel the pain that I do. You will also see the love I have for My children through your eyes which mirror My heart.

Do not be afraid of these gifts My child. Do not feel you cannot handle this task because the strength you will be given through My graces will make you so strong you will never look back. Nor will you want to.

You feel weak now. This is the feeling of My Divine power surging through your body. The heat is the love I have for you. Do not cry My child. So far you have been extraordinarily strong and so accepting although it is but a few days now since I first spoke with you. No, My child, you are not imagining this. You keep questioning yourself and those close to you.

Those who sell their souls to Satan
Now write this. The world is heaving with the weight of darkness and the evil plotting of the Evil One who continues to entice and seduce My beloved children. They have been ensnared to such an extent that many of them squirm like animals even in the face of mankind. How many poor souls fed by lust, greed and vanity appear to those with faith in such a poor sorry state? They, in their vanity, believe that they have real power. The power they have been promised by Satan. Many of these children have chosen to sell their souls and proudly boast of the fact.

More of My children are attracted to the glamour and riches of his promises for all the world to see. No, they are not ashamed to boast of the fact that they belong to him. What promises he has made, are not just lies, they have been given to them out of pure hatred for mankind. Satan hates humanity.

He lies to My children and tells them he can give them anything but sadly it is a lie. Those who follow him and his empty promises will not and cannot be saved.

Pray, pray pray for My Children. My daughter I know you are tired but heed this. For the believers who are lukewarm and who are not aligned directly with The Evil One in the extreme – they too have to be wary. They, including My followers and some of My Sacred Servants, Bishops and Cardinals sneer at the faith of My children. Their spirituality has been lost behind the greed in certain quarters where gold and riches mask the Divine Gifts they were given as disciples of God.

The Church has lost its way and is plunging into darkness. This, My child has been
foretold and it is a sign of the End Times. This is when the last pope will emerge and the world will be lost under the misguided direction of the False Prophet.

Revelations as to how My Second Coming will be preceded will be given to you My child so that your words might be listened in order that souls will be prepared before the The Great Warning. Do not fret. Life will continue. Glory will return to Earth. My children will be redeemed from the clutches of the Evil One who will be destroy. It is important that he does not, through his deceit, take My children with him into the depths of Hell.

My word has to be strong. My children must listen. It is out of pure love that I am giving them this Warning. Because I come as judge and not saviour it is through the prayers of My Beloved Mother and My followers throughout the world that the time for Judgement has been delayed in the past. This time it will not be.

No one will know the date of the Second Coming
You will not be told of the date nor will My children. It cannot be revealed. This is why it is important that all My children are prepared. For those who will not prepare they cannot say that they have not been given the truth. When the Warning happens they will realise the truth. Yes, if they confess and admit their sins they will receive My Blessing. If they don’t they will be cast into Hell. My Mercy will have expired by then.

Go now, My child. Prepare the word for the world to hear. Tell My children, the believers, not to fear. Tell them to pray for the non-believers. Then tell the nonbelievers to turn back to Me. Do everything possible to urge them to open their hearts.

Your Saviour Jesus Christ, who comes to judge the living and the dead


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