10. Global Power, The Anti-Christ and Mark of the Beast

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Received Monday 15th November 2010 11am

You are now realizing the truth and accepting My message for what it is. Write this My daughter. The speed at which the prophesies are unfolding is becoming evident for all to see. Watch the changes that will become apparent with my Church as one of the first signs. This is when The Deceiver will lead my disciples astray.

The second sign will be seen in the way many of you will no longer be in control of your own country. This includes all material control and the military. My children, their leaders and all those with responsibility for caring for their people will lose all control. They will be like a boat with no rudder. This boat they steer will be aimless and they will be lost.

My children you must pray hard now to loosen the grip these evil groups of people will exert over you. They are not of God’s Kingdom and through the cunning deceit of their exterior you will not realise that this is a powerful force that is careful not to reveal itself.

You, My children, will be none the wiser. You will think that you are living in tough times but this façade is designed to make you think this. Rise up My children now.

Mark of the Beast
Do not accept the Mark! If more of you do not accept then you are stronger in numbers. This Mark – the mark of the beast will be your downfall. It is not what it seems. By agreeing you will be removed further and further away.

Beware of the Plan, driven by the Deceiver, to remove all signs of My Eternal Father and the teaching of Scriptures from your life. You will see this in schools, colleges, hospitals and in the constitution of your countries. The biggest abomination, which causes Me deep pain, is the abolition of the teachings of scripture from those who practice their adoration of Me, their Divine Saviour. Very soon you will see that My word, and the teaching of the truth will be abolished and punishable.

You My dearly beloved children will suffer greatly in My name. These evil forces are responsible for this. They are led by Satan. You will find them everywhere and especially in those leaders in authority whom you depend upon to survive. Children do not be frightened for yourselves. Rather, be frightened for those poor misguided souls so infested are they with the Deceiver that they find it difficult to pull away such is the grip they hold. These people are not to be trusted. Be careful how you communicate with them. They will hold you in such a vice-grip because they will control everything. You will find it difficult to fight them as they will control even your bank, your property, your taxes and the food you need to survive.

But this will not last long for their days are numbered. Should they abide by their slavery to evil they will plunge into an abyss of such terror that to describe their fate would be too terrifying and so frightening that man would drop like a stone – dead – were he to glimpse just one minute of the torment they will endure.

The Battle is about to begin and unfold as the hand of my Eternal Father will fall swiftly in punishment for their sins which is about to be witnessed on this earth. The sins which I died for. No man is a child of God who bears witness to or colludes in this sinister, but orderly, army of destruction. This evil army filled with the demons from the pits of Hell perform acts of such evil magnitude that innocent people could not possibly fathom.

I have no wish to frighten My children but the truth will be exposed for what it is in time. Rise up now My children. Fight the forces of evil before they destroy you. Be wary of Global rule in any shape, size, form or code. Look at your leaders carefully and those who control your daily access to money which will feed you and keep you alive. You need to stock pile food now.

You have not received this message in a way that reflects my teachings but hear me now. These prophecies have been foretold. My children must listen carefully. The spirit of Darkness is growing and you, My followers, must stay strong. Keep your belief in Me alive through prayer. All of My followers, must say the prayer The Divine Mercy each day. It will strengthen souls and will help them find favour at the moment of death.

My children, please do not let My message frighten you. My followers, have a duty to me now. Let Me say this. Remember you will be filled with the Holy Spirit as soon as you accept My word. Do not fear because you have been chosen. You, My army of followers, will lead to the defeat of the Evil One. To do this you must pray.

I come with a message of pure love. Do you not realise that you will experience Paradise when Heaven and Earth join as one? There is nothing to Fear for you, My followers, will be lifted body, soul and mind into the realms of the Divine Hierarchy. You will see your loved ones. Those loved ones who have found favour with my Eternal Father.

Do as I say. Pray, talk to Me, love Me, trust in Me. In return I will give you strength. Pray for protection through the recital of the Most Holy Rosary given to you with blessings from My beloved Mother. This prayer must be said to help protect you from the Evil One on the one hand. On the other hand you must ask for protection for those people with whom you come into contact so that they cannot contaminate you or diffuse the faith you hold in your heart for Me.

Pray for My visionaries and prophets so that they are protected. Pray for My beloved sacred servants, those holy devout servants sent by me to guide you. They, just like my followers, suffer torment by the Evil One. He will never stop trying to blind you from the truth and will use every devious tactic to convince you that your faith is false. Hear Me. He, the Deceiver, will use logic and reasoning, couched in a soft gentle manner to convince you he brings hope into your lives. He will, through the Anti-Christ, strive to make you believe he is the Chosen One.

The Anti-Christ
Many of My followers will fall prey to this despicable deceit. Be on your guard. He will be seen as the messenger of love, peace and harmony in the world. People will fall to their knees and adore him. He will show you his power and you will believe it is of a Divine source. But it’s not. He will instruct you in a manner that will seem odd at times. True believers will know he is not of the light. His boastful, pompous demeanor will be hidden behind pure evil. He will strut and show what will appear to be true compassion and love for all. Behind this façade he is full of hatred for you My beloved children. He laughs behind closed doors.

My children he will confuse you terribly. He will appear powerful, confident, humourous, caring, loving and will be seen as a saviour. His handsome face will appeal to all but he will soon change.

He will wreck havoc in the world and will murder many. His acts of terror will be clear for all to see. He will destroy your independence and he will be instrumental in bringing about the Mark – the Mark of the Beast. You, My children, will have to be strong. Do not accept the Mark because if you do you will come under his evil hypnotic influence.

Many will die for their faith in Me. No do not fear because if you suffer for Me, in Me, with Me you are chosen. Pray, pray not to submit to his reign of terror. Stand up fight for Me.

Do not let the Anti-Christ, for all his convincing charm, win over your souls. Let me hold you in My arms, cradle you with My Divine Grace now to give you the strength to fight for the truth. My love for you will never die. You should never chose this route or you too will be lost to Me. It will be hard but help will be given to my children in many many ways to ease your suffering. Go now and pray for My Divine Mercy and prepare for the final battle.

Jesus Christ King of my People
Saviour & Just Judge


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