18. Warning of Nuclear War

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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Tuesday 23rd November 2010 3.00am

My daughter you are suffering because of the work you are doing on My behalf. The darkness you feel is coming from the Deceiver who strikes every hour through others, people you know, through his darkness to attack you. Despite your feelings of despair you are, in fact, being protected. He, the Deceiver I have told you will not harm your soul. You must continue to pray the most Holy Rosary for constant protection from torment. By praying this powerful adoration to my Blessed Mother you will see a difference.

The work, which you strive to continue to complete, on My behalf is not easy but you must stay strong my daughter. For it is the work that, when revealed to the world, will bring peace and contentment to my children.

They, My children, when they understand the truth will know they are not being thrown asunder and forgotten by their Creator. The comfort they will experience through the knowledge I will give them through this book will draw them closer to Me.

Plan for the War ahead
Fear not, My daughter you are safe though you do feel powerless and fear uncertainty. The world including your own country is about to experience more pain as a result of global control which will render people powerless so this is why it is important to prepare now.

I have told you before that you must tell my children to start to plan now before the fearsome global war commences. The war, which I speak about is being orchestrated by the Red Dragon now. The Dragon, the new world energy, is scheming now and will destroy cities in the West. The time is close. Pray pray for conversion as this evil cannot be stopped as there is not enough prayer to prevent it. Pray for those souls, who through this nuclear war will die.

Three Years before the Plot Unfolds
Pray for those souls now. As a global power takes over gently with a false compassion they will, my daughter, aim to control your freedom to live, eat and pray. That is why My people must strive to become self sufficient. Grow your food. Find shelters in time where you can meet to give homage to your divine Savior. Just keep strong. Don’t tell too many people why are you are doing this. It will take only three years for the signs of this plot to unfold before your eyes. By then your plans will yield a form of support which you may have questioned and thought, from time to time, as being strange. Grow your own food now. Buy the seeds that will not be available for sale in the future now. This will feed your family as the global famine takes place.
Go now and prepare.

Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ


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