21. Book of Revelation

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Friday 26th November 2010 at 12 midnight

My dearly beloved daughter today is a day when My heart is broken by the unrest and deep unhappiness in the world. I watch in despair as the world rises in anger against each other. Much of the sadness springs from the knowledge that these prophecies will unfold yet much of mankind will be none the wiser.

Pray for Russia to be consecrated to My Blessed Mother
They still refuse to acknowledge that these events were foretold in the Book of John. So so many will now suffer because of lack of faith. Pray now that Russia will finally relent and allow itself to be finally consecrated in My Blessed Mother’s name. Pray, pray, pray for this to happen. Because it will be through prayer that this great achievement will be possible. If this happens then millions will be saved. For the danger is that the communist forces will rise with the serpent and join together leaving you, My children, powerless.

Look now at the velocity as the nations rise to fight. The speed of global events will cause much consternation as these unfold in their intensity. My followers you must listen. Prayer groups will be essential in spread conversion and to diffuse these disastrous events. Even those of you, complacent in your lives where you take everything for granted, you will no longer be able to ignore these events. You must listen to me now and accept that those events predicted in the Book of Revelation are coming to pass.

Hold your hands in prayer now. Even if you hold just a spark of affection in your heart for Me ask Me to hold you so that I can ignite and strengthen your faith in Me.

I will fight for each one of you
I will fight right to the bitter end to bring you all closer to My heart, whether you are a child, a teenager, a young adult, middle aged or old – in My eyes you are all the same. You are My precious beloved family – each and every single one of you. No one is excluded. Even those of you who do not accept that I exist. Even those of you who do but hate me – I still love you. My love is passionate beyond your knowing and I will do everything in My power to bring you back into My fold. I will not give up your soul to Satan that easily.

Please turn to Me
Please turn to Me – no matter how many doubts you hold – and let Me fill your heart with My Divine Love. Just one taste of that love will help you prepare for Eternal Life

in Paradise with Me, My Eternal Father and your brothers and sisters. This is your inheritance. Your rightful inheritance.

Don’t squander this chance of salvation. When your life on earth comes to an end you will have two choices in the after life. Heaven in Paradise or the depths of Hell with Satan who will take you with him through the sins he tempts you to commit on earth. Open your eyes now. Remember death on earth can take place on any day, at any time and when you least expect it.

Through this message I beg you to see the truth before the Day of Judgement. Always remember I love you. No matter how grievously you have sinned. When you turn to Me and ask Me for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart you will be pardoned. Even during you last breath.

Your Beloved Saviour Jesus Christ


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