30. Third Message from the Virgin Mary

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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Monday, 20th December 2010

Listen to me my child. You must stay strong for my beloved son Jesus the Christ. He is too important and special for you to turn away with doubts in your mind. Yes it is easy to become confused in this work but you will have to trust in him completely. He needs you to surrender and give him your absolute trust.

My child it has not been easy for you with this work. But as I have said before you love to persevere. You will succeed in the completion of your work. I urge you to get back into a routine of daily prayer. For it is through my most Holy Rosary that you will be protected. This work is very sacred my child so out of respect please obey my Son by trusting in Him completely. Push aside your doubts my child for you have been given special graces by the Holy Spirit. The truth now lies in your heart, soul and mind. This is why you have found it easier to write the messages which my beloved dear Son gives you.

He loves you My child and has chosen you for one of the most important tasks ever this century. Your work, is being compared to that requested of Sister Faustina. You are undergoing similar sufferings that she endured. Do not fear these sufferings, which include the lack of ability to pray and the daily doubts which are normal. They will pass. All the saints, including St Faustina walk with you my child and guide you every day.

The work you are undertaking on behalf of me and my beloved Son has been foretold. It is one of the most important ways in which you can save souls. Do not falter or hesitate. Always, always call on your Beloved Mother for assistance. I am there for you. Please pray daily to my Son by reciting his Divine Mercy Chaplet. That way you will be closer to him and you will feel him move in your heart.

Take courage and move ahead now. Look with love towards the precious path that leads to the Blessed Trinity. All are with you. You will suffer but consider this a grace for without suffering you cannot remain close to my Son’s heart.

That’s all for now. Turn and open your heart now towards my beloved Son, Jesus the
Most High.

Love and Peace Our Lady of the Roses


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