31. My Pain and Suffering today

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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Thursday 22nd December 2010 2.40 am

My daughter I have been suffering terribly for the sins of mankind and the cruel rejection of My existence which is so common now in the world that the number of believers who turn their back on Me has risen to extraordinary proportions. The pain, suffering and agony is ever more pronounced as the world celebrates Christmas. I know in My heart that, while this is the most important Christian Feast, My teachings are not being proclaimed in the way they should.

My beloved daughter you must persevere in your own sufferings both of the mind and the soul. They will bring you closer to my Sacred Heart. Only then, when you endure these trials of suffering, when you become in union with Me. My daughter, pray, pray, pray that other souls will relieve the agony I endure. Oh if only I could save souls quickly and embrace them in My loving arms My heart would mend. But many souls will not turn back to Me.

You must work hard to convince them of the truth, my daughter. Never ever give up. You have been full of doubts but I know that deep within your heart you realise that these messages of Mercy, for the salvation of souls, are truly coming from Me and My Eternal Father. Persevere, accept suffering, be humble, patient and act with dignity when challenged in My name. Go now with renewed vigour love and strength to win back the souls of My beloved children.

Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ


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