48. Rise of Arab World – 3 World Leaders to be assassinated

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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Thursday 17th February 2011 11.45 pm

My dearly beloved daughter I am full of joy today now that this important series of messages are being prepared for release to all mankind. You will find soon that all countries will search out these messages. Don’t worry about your safety as I will protect you and your family at all times. Although I am full of love for you My child, My heart is breaking with deep sorrow for the suffering which is being inflicted by the cunning society plotting to take over countries.

They will do this by cleverly removing Leaders.* Then they will offer help. Then they will buy the friendship of new regimes until they control them. This new control will be worse than the power hungry dictators who were toppled in the name of freedom.

Watch now, My daughter the speed at which the Arab world will unite against My people, the Jews. Watch how all their allies will fall away leaving them exposed.

My daughter, when the Warning takes place, My word will be heard more readily after the conversion takes place. This will be the time for My holy followers to unite defiantly against the tyranny that will emerge in the Western World especially in Europe. Fight for your right to pray. If you don’t it will not be a religious war but a war of genocide.

There will be three world leaders assassinated shortly one by one. Remember that each one will be assassinated through the plotting of the Evil Group – the sub cultural organizations that rule in all nations though you cannot see them because they are cowards. But not for long will they hide. When control is in their grasp they will strive for your attention and demand respect.

The Warning will help save all My children everywhere. Conversion, a gift from Me, will be given to even those who plot and scheme to win control over God’s earth. If they could only understand that this power will never be theirs they might stop. But they are blind.

More of My angels who now infiltrate the earth as human beings will help show these poor misguided souls the truth. Many will convert. Others wont.

My daughter go spread the word quickly. You have only weeks. Use every tool available to you. Show courage. Do absolutely everything to allow all of My children, all nations to understand the meaning of My special gift – when My hand reaches out from Heaven to save their souls. Those who do not convert at first will do so before the Persecution when more and more souls will turn back to Me. This will be a very difficult time for all. But be patient there are good times ahead when peace will return to Earth. My children will, after this wake up call, see the love that I hold and will come running back into My arms. Then when that happens My arm will form and defend My Kingdom against The Deceiver whose reign will be very short.

This is a turning point in the history of mankind children. You will understand this very shortly. By then any skeptical thoughts you have at time of the Warning – when it happens you will open your hearts to the truth.

Go now My daughter in Peace and Love for all Mankind

Jesus Christ King of the Jews

* Note: the names of these three world leaders are known to the visionary but are not being published in advance due to the sensitivity involved. Two are from the Middle East and one from the West. Their names have been given privately to two priests and one media outlet for future publication.


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