49. Last Message for the Volume “The Warning”

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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Saturday 19th February 2011 3.00 pm

My dearly beloved daughter you are trying hard to obey My instructions to sanctify your soul and this is greatly pleasing to Me. Please give me one full hour of your day in silence with Me and let Me draw you closer to My Sacred Heart.

You will feel much stronger when you do this. Start from today to spend this time in My company so that I can enlighten your heart and ease your load.

Today I wish to unveil to you My wish for mankind to start evaluating their lives in preparation for The Warning. My daughter those of you who fail to prepare need prayer and much of it.

The Warning, the great gift will now be presented to the world. All will be given the opportunity to savour the joy when they will finally realise the truth. The truth of My existence. Pray for everyone My child that they will have the courage to seek My forgiveness.

At last My daughter my children everywhere are beginning to open their eyes. They are now realising that the world is changing. The world as they once knew it has shifted into a new phase. This new phase will lead to a number of stages before they, My children will finally be ready for the New Paradise.

The parasites of The Deceiver will fight stubbornly to the bitter end unfortunately. Pray for those poor delusional souls now that a spark of light will flood their hearts when they come into contact with My devout followers. You, My followers are being given the graces to help convert all those souls lost in the wilderness and confused state caused in their souls by Satan.

Prophecies La Salette, Fatima and Garabandal now unfold
All of the prophesies given to the Blessed visionaries at La Salette, Fatima and Garabandal will now unfold for all to see. For all the thousands of believers who know and accept these prophecies, know that now I your Saviour call on you all to pray for the souls of all mankind. Open your hearts once more to these new messages – the last prophesies of their kind to be bestowed on all of My children before I come back to judge.

Call on all Ministers of the Churches
I call too, My sacred servants of all denominations who honour My Eternal Father to listen now. Do not allow The Deceiver, through his False Prophet deceive you into believing the lie that will be perpetrated in His name shortly. This will be a very difficult time for those of you who love Me because you will be very confused.

The False Prophet and the Anti-Christ
Just watch with clear eyes the False Prophet who will attempt to lead My church for he does not come from the House of My Eternal Father. He will seem like he does. But this will be false. Watch too for the friendship he will display with the Anti-Christ for they will be two of the most deceitful followers of Satan – dressed in sheep’s clothing. They will have powers which will seem like the miracles of old but these powers will be Satanic. You must keep in grace at all times in order to defend your faith. Pray for My Holy servants, who lukewarm in their faith, will be drawn into the arms of The Deceiver. He will appeal to them because he will offer excitement, passion, so called love which will be ego-driven and his charismatic appearance will be difficult to resist. Go down this path, My sacred servants and you will be lost to Me forever.

You may ask why should these events present such difficulties. You will then wonder why I allow these things to happen. Surely Jesus, in His Mercy, would not present such obstacles? Well I must permit them because it will be through these challenges that the final battle between My Eternal Father and The Evil One can take place. Without a final confrontation he, Satan, cannot be thrown finally into the abyss of Eternal Hell.

Be alert to this deceit. Do not allow your souls to be lost in this way. Pray, pray, pray for the graces of discernment so that you may see this False Prophet for what he truly is. A demon sent to distract you, from the depths of Hell. Be thankful that you are his targets. Because of your allegiance to Me you will be put to the ultimate test. The test of your faith. Never again will you have to face such a test. So be prepared. Turn to Me all of you My sacred servants now before it is too late.

Your beloved Saviour Jesus Christ


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