59. Never judge other religions, creeds or sexual preferences

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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Wednesday April 6th 2011

My beloved daughter the torment you are enduring is because The Deceiver is constantly trying to tempt you to give up this most sacred work. He is tearing you apart. Accept this. Never doubt My Divine Word no matter how difficult this may be for you. You will be rewarded with the spirit of peace when you truly surrender to Me. Keep telling Me this every day. Throughout the day and ask Me for the graces to fill you with joy as soon as The Deceiver attacks you. Keep strong My daughter. Never give up. Keep your mind free of clutter and concentrate on My messages for the world. They are the most important messages for mankind today. They are being given to instruct mankind to find the right path towards Me once again.

People are confused by My Teachings
Many people are lost now. They are confused by My teachings and the numerous ways in which they have been interpreted. Watered Down. Changed. Added to. Taken Away. My children need guidance now so that they can seek the graces needed for them to become strong again and light of heart. This can only come about from prayer and by adhering to My teachings.

I do not exclude one single soul in the world
My children who are converted know this and become closer to My heart through the sacraments. However for those wandering lost children they must start right at the beginning and remind themselves of the Ten Commandments given to the world through Moses. Many many children today are not aware of these. I do not exclude one single soul in the world irrespective of which religion they practice.

Warning to Believers who look down on other creeds
If My believers differentiate themselves and place or exalt themselves at the expense of those who are unaware of My teachings, then they are behaving just as the Pharisees did. Shame on those who consider themselves above those souls who need enlightenment. Shame on those who, although they are aware of the truth, pour scorn on those of different faiths. Who believe that by being privy to the truth, and who benefit from the most Holy Sacraments, that they are more important in My eyes. Yes I receive great comfort and joy in My heart from those devout followers. But when they condemn or judge others because of their faith they offend me greatly.

Followers of mine open your eyes to the truth of My teachings at the most simple level. Judge not others. Do not look down on those whom you believe to be sinners and who reject My teachings. Because they are equal to you in My eyes although you have been given the gift of the truth. It brings me great heartache when those followers, though well meaning, dictate to those poor lost souls how to live their lives. They go about it the wrong way.

Your Loving Saviour Ever Merciful Judge, Jesus Christ


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