79. Russia and China to cause disruption

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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Sunday 1st May 2011 9.00 pm

My dearly beloved daughter tell the world that preparations are now underway to prepare souls for the New Paradise on earth which I have promised.

The date for My Second Coming on earth is not for your knowing. Be assured though that My promises will always be fulfilled. No one can stop My great Act of Mercy to redeem mankind. Satan does not have this power. He, the Deceiver, is to be destroyed My daughter and cannot survive. His time is very short now. I warn those who follow him through sin that they have few chances remaining to redeem themselves. They must turn away now from sin if they want to be saved. Those of you followers who may have a family member or special friend who are following a path of sin then it is your duty to try and open their eyes to the truth.

Prepare now to avoid taking the Mark of the Beast
Many events both on earth and in the Heavens are now about to take place which will turn the course of history. Prepare all of you during this time. I have told you before that money will be scare so please try to prepare your families for survival so you won’t have to accept the Mark. Please do not ignore My pleas.

Prayer groups are vital now to protect yourselves and save the world from the persecution of Global political, banking and so called Human Rights Organisations. Their goal is one of power and control over you my children, although many of you cannot see this. You will though in time. And that time is close. Start preparing for your future survival now and keep in prayer for I will offer My special graces for protection to all of you. Please do not be frightened for all that will really matter will be your allegiance to Me.

As the One World Order takes control of the Middle East you will be astonished at how many countries will be under their control. How many innocent souls will believe that these new regimes will offer them freedom. But this will not be the case.

Russia and China to cause disruption
Watch now as Russia and China become the third entity to cause disruption. Very soon now those of you who have given control of your countries to faceless groups who treat you like puppets will soon see the sinister groups these political forces, not of God, try to dictate how you live. Defend yourselves through prayer. Every day and every hour I will ease your suffering. Receive Me in the Holy Eucharist and you will gain a strength that will sustain you to extraordinary levels during this persecution.

I, Jesus Christ, do not wish to cause panic in your lives. But I cannot stand to the side and not warn you of these events. Out of My Mercy I am giving you a chance to prepare not just for your spiritual welfare but for the livelihoods of your families. To avoid the Mark please prepare carefully.

The Warning will, without question, easy any such persecutions because so many will be converted. Pray pray now for all global conversion and to dilute any torment that will evolve during the reign of the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.

Your beloved Saviour Jesus Christ


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