86. Reject the work of New Age Spiritualism

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Received Sunday 15th May 2011 5.00 pm

My dearly beloved daughter I am calling on all My followers to denounce the work of the New Age Movement which has gripped the world.

Christianity has always been a prime target of Satan. Because he is so cunning he will constantly try to seduce those with empty and spiritually lost souls. He will always try to present his lies couched in what appears to be love. Then he will try to control my children’s minds using ancient pagan tactics designed to free their minds from the so called stresses of modern living. 

Beware those of you who succumb to practices which claim to bring your mental state into a stage of oblivion in the name of meditation. Once you allow your mind to be controlled in this way Satan and his demons can move in so silently that you won’t realise it, so smooth will be the transition.

Avoid ancient spiritual practices including use of tarot cards
Many many souls in the world are starving for spiritual guidance. In their quest to bring meaning into their lives they are unwittingly allowing themselves be sucked into practices which amount to paganism. Any false dogma which entices you to believe that peace in your heart and soul can be achieved through ancient spiritual practices must be avoided at all times. Learn to recognise them for what they really are.

The use of crystals, meditation, reiki, yoga, tarot cards, belief in spirit guides, metaphysics and so called faith healers are there to entice you to believe in an alternative superiour existence outside of that created by God the Eternal Father.

Warning about Ascended Masters
Many of you today who are constantly searching out spiritual comfort in the practice of following your angels must also be alert to the fact that once the term Ascended Masters is mentioned you can be sure that these angels do not come from Heaven. Ascended Masters, My children, are fallen angels and come from the dark. Yet you will be told and then be convinced that they come from the light.

All of this pagan spiritualism, if you let it take over your lives, will eventually pull you downwards into the pits of darkness when you least expect it. Satan will be so careful as to how he presents these dark lies because at all times you will be told, and you will believe, that these things are all good.

Most of these practices are presented as being good for your self-esteem, confidence, control over your life – all of which is a lie. Not only do these practices drive you away from the truth but they bring untold misery once the evil spirits enter your soul as a direct result of these practices.

Bible warns of dangers of magic
The truth can never be tampered with. Teachings handed down to man in the Holy Bible warn mankind of the dangers of magic, fortune telling and the adulation of false Gods. In today’s world these practices are presented as harmless, but necessary, for your spiritual well-being. Because of the nature of gentle souls many of them will be naturally drawn to New Age Practices because of the false façade of the love they exude.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Warning about fanatical devotion to angels
Remember it is Satan and his fallen angels who have carefully and cunningly drawn you into these unsuspecting lies. For those of you who promote an almost fanatical devotion to Angels I have this to say. Why do you not proclaim the word of God, My Eternal Father first? Isn’t this obsession with Angels just another form of idolatry? Yes, by all means, pray for the help of the Holy Angels, however, always ask this question. Is your devotion to the Angels at the expense of your love for Jesus Christ, the Son of God or God, the Eternal Father? If so then  you offend Me, your Divine Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Wake up now to the lies of so called spiritualism. The angels you attract by participating in such practices will not come from Heaven or from the light. They will seem to come from the light but that is the deceit that Satan and his demons use to cleverly camouflage their actions.

Remember one final lesson. Dress up your pagan practices as much as you like to appear as if you are paying homage to the Divine Light of Heaven but it will be a lie. The lie, and those you convince to follow this bizarre journey towards a so called spiritual realm outside that of My Father’s will bring you so close to Satan that beyond a certain point there will be no return.

The only Divine realm of love that exists outside of this earth is Heaven. Anything else you have been told is untrue. Satan, however, wants you to believe that there is. The reality is that he is pulling all those unsuspecting and superstitious souls into the darkness of Hell with him and all the fallen angels. All in the name of false love.

Please remember that love, true love, can only come from God, the Eternal Father.

Your Loving Saviour Jesus Christ


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