89. Responsibility of Parents in the world today

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Received Thursday 19th May 2011 6.15 pm

My dearly beloved daughter the world has now succumbed to the depths of utter despair in its lack of belief in the existence of God, the Father Almighty. Even little children now gleefully deny His existence. Those empty hardened souls insult not only My Eternal Father but cause Me deep anguish.

So far have you fallen children that you have completely discarded all sense of the spirituality that you were born with.  How far do you think your love of the world and its materialism will take you?  For those of you engrossed in wealth and the comforts of all wordly attractions you should know that they will soon be taken away from you as part of the purification ahead.

Responsibility of Parents
Why do you teach your children the importance of man-made materialism at the expense of their poor little souls? Your primary aim is to teach your children the importance of creating and building wealth. You rarely teach them the morals they need to equip themselves with the responsibilities for adulthood in relation to how they should show respect for others. To understand the importance of honesty and the need to show understanding towards their brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately My children have completely lost their way on the spiritual path required for them to reach the ultimate destination. Have  you no shame? When will you learn that your obsessive love of money and all that it offers will end in disaster? It will only be when you are stripped naked of these comforts you crave that you will realise how alone you are.

Listen to Me now while you can. Place your family’s needs first for that is good. Provide for them. But please do not encourage your children to become slaves to wealth and a desire for fame for you will be pushing them into the arms of Satan. Your children were born and given life by you physically. But they were created by God, the Eternal Father, when they were given their souls.

By all means show responsibility as a parent by providing for your children’s physical needs. But remember that their souls need nourishment. Teach them the truth of My teachings and the importance of looking after their souls. Only then will  you be giving your children the true nourishment in body and mind that they need to survice so they can enjoy  eternal life.

Your loving Divine Saviour Jesus Christ


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