106. The keys of Rome now being handed back to God, the Almighty Father

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 106 
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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Monday 6th June 2011, 10:30

My dearly beloved daughter be strong now. The content of My messages to you are causing you fear which you must not succumb to. Sometimes you feel so alone in this work yet I stand with you every day and am not far from your side. My messages, as I have told you before, will not always bring joy to souls. Believers, however, will understand that chastisement is necessary to help purify the world.

It is difficult I know to digest the content sometimes but you must place all your trust in Me. I am instructing you, once again, not to engage with those people, believers of mine, who challenge, analyze or pick holes in My Holy Word. For neither you nor those souls have the authority to do so. You must obey Me now. Let those who continue to pour scorn and denounce My word be for this is no longer your concern.

Yes, of course, you will be criticised when you proclaim My Word. Ignore those now who try to engage with you. Time is too short to waste with such diversions. The people you need to concern yourself with now are My poor children who lack faith or who do not know Me or My Eternal Father. They are the ones of great concern to Me.

So while those well meaning Christians who will always try to discern My word devote their time to analysis instead of simply following My teachings and pray for their poor brothers and sisters, valuable time is being wasted.

My daughter tell the world that the ecological disasters foretold will now strike the earth. All will commence now. So many. So quickly. And all due to the blind eyes turned on the word of God the Father by sinners wrapped up in their dens of iniquity.

Believers do not be fearful
Believers pray now. Do not be fearful. I will offer you My Divine protection at all times even when you are ridiculed in My name. Prayer will give you strength and courage as the Evil One and his minions now pour out their venom on My children. As their heinous acts of warfare on humanity begins to escalate through terrorism, monopoly of world currencies and the poisoning of the earth through deliberate contamination hear Me now. The wrath of God the Father will now fall and quickly. Prayer must be conducted in groups all over the world because it will help avert some of these events.

Pray for My beloved Pope Benedict. He is surrounded by very powerful enemies of God. Gluttons for power and control of My Church. Prayer can help delay his imminent departure when he will be forced to leave The Vatican as foretold. Pray, pray, pray for this period in time for it will be the darkest ever to befall my sacred servants, Bishops, Cardinals and all true followers of Mine. The keys of Rome will now be handed back to God, the Almighty Father.

The time has come for the battle against Satan and his evil followers. Their attempts to sabotage mankind will be dealt with most severely for they will endure great suffering for their evil acts.

Rise now, My children. Place all your trust, confidence and devotion to Me as a priority. Daily prayer, Mass and The Eucharist will help Me, and My Father, stamp out this evil. Follow Me. Take up My cup. For when you do this you will enjoy eternal life.

Your Loving Saviour, King of Mankind, Jesus Christ


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