112. “Liberators” in Middle East want to control The Jews

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 112 
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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Received Saturday 11th June 2011, 22:00

My dearly beloved daughter it is with love that I speak with you tonight because very soon now more and more of My cherished followers will unite as one to fight The Deceiver. Right now He and the wealthy influential groups, behind whom he hides, are plotting to gain as much control over you all but you cannot see this.

They will be stopped sooner than you think. Many of them will convert during The Warning. This will weaken Satan’s One World Group to such an extent that many will wonder what path to take, so confused will they be. Many will then turn back to Me children for they will seek redemption.

Revenge, control, power and hatred combined create the biggest threat to man’s survival. All of the wars you see taking place in the middle east and beyond have been orchestrated. They are not a coincidence. Understand that s omany countries at once did not rise up on their own. They were helped by the Evil Group in all Governments. Those Governments who control the World.

These leaders in the Middle East are now being removed to make way for the liberators, those who will proclaim justice and peaceful means to help My Children. But that is not their intention. Their intention is to control of My beloved people The Jews who are under threat now on all sides.

All of these events will be interrupted by The Warning. All of those involved with this Evil Global will also have to face Me one by one when I will show them how they offend Me. Many will fall down on their knees and beg for redemption.

This, My children, is very important for the more sinners, everywhere and especially those who control your livelihoods turn back to Me the greater will be My Mercy. Pray that all those who witness the Truth when, during The Warning, they will realise that
I love them will convert.

Prayer, My children, is very powerful. When you pray to God, the Father in My name for the salvation of these and other souls he will not refuse you.
Your loyalty to Me and daily prayer is needed urgently to loosen the grip that Satan holds over My children who rightfully Mine.

Your every merciful Saviour Jesus  Christ


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