113. Abundant Love at Adoration makes you stronger and calmer

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 113 
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Received Sunday 12th June 2011, 19:00

My beloved daughter the graces received by My children at the Eucharistic Adoration are powerful. They not only give you the graces to cope with life’s suffering they make you stronger in your love for Me your devoted and loyal Saviour.

The love that is poured out over souls during the Adoration is given in abundance. The souls feels this flood of My graces in so many different ways. The first gift is one of peace in your soul. You will feel this instantly after you have completed your time in close Union with Me.

So many many of My children are denying themselves the many gifts I have to offer at Adoration, where you spend one hour of your time before My presence on the altar. While Catholics are aware of the power of the Eucharist many do not acknowledge the importance of this most important time with Me in contemplation. They simply ignore this gift. It bores them to have to spend this extra time with Me.

Oh if only you knew how strong this would make them. Their fears and worries would be dissipated were they to just keep Me company in quiet intimate reflection. If My children could see the light that envelops their souls during this special Holy Hour they would be astonished.

Children it is during this hour that you become very very close to Me. This is where your voice, your pleas, your pledges of love for Me will be heard. Many wonderful graces are given to you children at this time so please do not ignore My pleas to spend this time in My company.

The rewards will make you free of worry
The rewards will make you free of worry, light of heart mind and soul and calmer in yourself. When you receive me during the Eucharist I will fill  your soul. But when you come to Me in adoration I will envelop you to such an extent that the floodgates of My merciful love will saturate your mind, body and soul. You will feel a strength which will yield a quiet confidence that you will find difficult to ignore.

Come to Me children now. I need your company. I need you to speak with Me when My Divine presence is at its strongest. I love you and want to pour all My graces on you so you can infuse your souls to My Sacred Heart.

Your Loving Saviour Jesus Christ


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