138. Call on high profile personalities to spread my word

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 138 
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Wednesday 13th July 2011, 16:15

My dearly beloved daughter when you turn your back on Me afterwards you will find it difficult to find me again. I realise that you believe I make difficult demands of you but My word, to be imparted to the world, is of such urgency that you must obey Me as I have requested you. Remember you surrendered your free will to Me My daughter which was a wonderful gift. To honour that gift is not easy  for you because you are only human after all. I now call on you once again to hear My call and to spend more time in My company. I need you to feel My love, not just the love that I have for you, but that I hold for every single child of mine on this earth.

I want My followers to spread My word of peace and harmony all over the world. They must volunteer everywhere to remind every one of the need to promote My messages of love. Please ask singers, the media, personalities or anyone whose voice is listened to and respected to hear My pleas. Take up My chalice of love. Drink from it for it will bring you the salvation you crave not only in this world but in the next life. Share this with your own followers.

How you do this is up to you for those who respond to My call will be given the gift of the graces needed to do this most sacred work. Children remember this. The more of you who rise now to spread My most Holy Word and tell everyone the truth the easier it will be for My children to pass through the great chastisement as well as the persecution being planned by the New World Order.

My message to mankind must be listened to, assessed and action then taken to remind all that they must open their minds to accept the existence of God the Almighty Father, the Holy Mighty One. For when they do peace will reign again.

For the sake of the sacrifice I made for you all through My death on the cross hear My call and do whatever you can to let everyone  you know understand that I am communicating to the world just as was done by My Father through the prophets before My time on earth. Be strong. Be brave. Pray to Me for guidance during your crusade on behalf of Me and My Eternal Father.

Jesus Christ, King of Mankind, Saviour and Redeemer


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