143. Your weapon of choice is your love for Me

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 143 
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Tuesday 19th July 2011, 23:45

My dearly beloved daughter thankfully you are now settling back into a routine having taken a small break. You will become stronger as a result but please remember that you still must focus on Me at all times.

My love for all My children is very powerful and is quite different to the love one talks about loosely in this world. My children feel My love when they open the door to me when I knock. When I come to their door they have two choices. They can either open the door and allow me in or they can shut me out. When they do allow Me enter their souls My love penetrates their being. It is a love they find that can make them feel weak with surprise so intense is it or joyful to the extent they cannot stop telling others their good news.

For My beloved followers who love Me know this. Because of your love and devotion to Me I allow My love to radiate from you so that it becomes infectious and spreads to embrace other souls. Once you allow Me into your hearts I will fill you with the grace of the Holy Spirit so that you can tell everyone what it is I need to tell you now:

First of all I love you with a deep tenderness in My heart. Secondly, because of My love I will now eradicate evil in the world so that I can bring all My children back into the embrace of your ever loving Creator, God the Father.

Please, none of you My devoted followers, must allow fear to enter your hearts as The Warning draws closer by the week. For when this great Act of My Mercy takes place you will rejoice. For my gift to you is that you will become closer to My heart than before. This will make you so strong that you will sail, without hesitation, towards the New Paradise on earth, so smooth will the transition be.

My love is now more powerful than ever as you, My beloved followers, do all you can to spread My word. Use what means you can to tell people to prepare for The Warning. You are brave My children and you bring joy and happiness into My sorrowful heart which yearns every second to save all My lost souls.

I am relying on you now to pray as hard as you can for sinners who will not withstand the test that The Warning presents them. Go now My strong loving army. Your weapon of choice is your love for Me. You will know in your heart it is I who speaks and that it is I who now knocks on your door. You must now knock on the doors of My sacred servants all over the world and make sure they read My holy word.

Your beloved Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ


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