156. Virgin Mary: I will appear only a few more times in the world

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 156 
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Wednesday 03 August 2011, 09.45

My child there is no need to fear in this work for it has been foretold that conversion will take place. Sadly not all men will or can be saved. They who persecute My Precious Son in the world today are worse than those who executed Him during the Crucifixion. Because My Son died to save mankind from sin a lesson was learned throughout the world of the need for devotion to My Son. Many who know the truth chose to ignore this.

I have been sent so many times to encourage prayer throughout the world and, yet, my warnings to children throughout time have been forgotten. Today when I make myself known through visionaries in various countries not only are they ignored but they suffer ridicule. My presence and the signs I show in the skies and other manifestations are rejected. Even priests and bishops ignore my warnings. They, too, have turned away from a belief in divine interventions. How blind they are to reject help from me their Beloved Mother.

My Son suffers so much it is heart breaking to see Him in agony today because of the evil of sin. My children have no idea how He suffers the torment he has to witness in the world when He sees the cruelty of man.

My child, remind my children that I will appear only a few more times in the world because the time has come for the final battle when I will crush the Head of the Serpent.

My children must know how much they are loved and cherished by My beloved Son. I urge them to open their hearts and show Him the love and compassion He deserves. He, your Saviour, who willingly accepted death in its most cruel form to save you wants now to save this generation from the snares of Satan.

He, The Deceiver, smiles my child because he knows he has succeeded in stealing precious souls. Pray, pray, pray now that my Son will be heard during The Warning and that his gift of redemption will be accepted with humble and open arms.

Remember, as your Mother I will always plead for clemency for my children. My tears have flowed for those who do not want to hear the truth because it will only be through constant prayer that these unfortunate souls can be redeemed.

Your beloved Mother, Our Lady Queen of the Sorrows


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