179. God The Father My hand will fall with force on nations who legalise abortion

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 179 
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Monday 29th August 2011

I come in the name of My Son Jesus Christ. I am the Alpha and the Omega, God of the Most High. I wish to give My children the world over this message.

My hand is being withheld from punishing man for the sins he commits through the power of prayer. I will cast down a severe chastisement if man does not turn away from the sin of murder and abortion. Already you,  My children, have seen My anger through earthquakes, floods, Tnunamis and other ecological turmoil. I must chastise you children for you cannot avoid punishment for your offenses against your fellow man.

The sins of abortion will be punished when My hand will fall with force on those nations which condone this abomination. You will not be allowed murder my helpless creation and should your Governments continue to pass laws, condoning this cowardly practice  you will see My anger descend with such force that you will beg for the mercy of life. Yet you never stop to think of taking the life of the unborn.

Murder will no longer be tolerated by Me. You will be stopped and soon. Pray for the souls of these helpless beings and ask for redemption. Do not accept such laws passed by your Governments, run by Heathen, who have no respect for life.

My punishment on countries guilty of legalising abortion will wipe out nations. Your countries will divide into little pieces and fall into the ocean. Your vile clinics and hospitals where you carry out these practices will close  and you, the guilty among you, will be cast into the fires of Hell for your heinous crimes.

I come to give you this Warning now. Never condone abortion. Put your foot down in your countries and fight to prevent this global genocide from continuing. If your Governments continue to inflict their act of horror on My creation you will be dealt a powerful reprimand.

Heed now this, one of My most urgent warnings to the Human Race. Take the life of My unborn and I will take yours. Pray hard children for the faith of all My children as they continue to ignore the teachings given to you since the beginning of time.

God, the Father


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