180. Chose people you know and come before My Father’s throne to save them

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 180 
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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Tuesday August 30 3011, 14:30

My dearly beloved daughter My heart is heaving with sorrow as I look at My precious children who are oblivious to the changes which lie ahead.

I love them so much that I cry with a deep sadness when I see them wander around seeking Me out but unable to do so. They know that there is a missing link in their lives but cannot identify what it is. That link is love. I am love. I am what they are looking for but they don’t know where to look. Yet I am standing there waiting and waiting patiently for them to turn to Me.

So much time is being wasted My daughter. My children look in all the wrong places seeking out the contentment and peace that they crave. But they won’t be able to find this unless they acknowledge  it will only be through humility that they will find this possible.

Until My children realise they cannot exist without love for My Father, God the Most High, they will die empty of love and peace in their hearts. I am weary My daughter. If only those who have shut Me out would turn to Me. If only they stopped their quest for power, money and glory from earthly possessions then they would know the truth.

I need all of you My followers to keep praying for the blind souls who are lost. Never give up for your prayers will be brought before the throne of My Father this week.

Please recite the following:

God, the Most High, I come before your throne this week to plead for the souls of My brothers and sisters who refuse to acknowledge your existence. I urge  you to fill them with your graces so that they will open their hearts to listen to your most Holy Word.

Please chose those souls who are known to you and who do not want to know God the Father and place their names before My Father. Your gift of prayer will be rewarded with their salvation. Go now My army and prepare for the next stage in this spiritual warfare against The Evil One.

Your beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ


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