181. My army will swell to a group of over 20 million

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 181 
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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Wednesday 31st August 2011, 21:00

My dearly beloved daughter the love I have for you and My followers surges through Me and brings Me such joy. How I love you all. Your dedication, humility, trust and pure love for Me is getting stronger by the day. Can’t you feel this? This is My gift to each and every one of you My pure souls who have been plucked from your daily lives to follow Me on the Path to Paradise.

My children who have been awakened by the Holy Spirit which was poured out over the world in May will now feel a devotion to Me not known to many of them beforehand. I am gathering My army quickly now and this will swell into a group of over 20 million souls soon. The larger the army the more powerful will be the Holy Spirit in bringing My children together as one to fight The Deceiver. My Divine guidance is now instilled in your souls whether you realise this or not. It is like as if you have an internal switch. When My love calls, you will respond naturally to convert others. This is the power of the Holy Spirit and it is now being felt in every corner of the earth.

All religions, all creeds, all races and all nations will respond to the light of the truth now. They are all so precious to My Eternal Father. He is now reaching out to every man, woman and child so they will hear His call. Satan will be unable to withstand the prayers which are recited by My followers. His grip will loosen and soon. Prayer and the faith of My followers is making him furious. Because he is powerless in his attempts to place doubts in the minds of My faithfull he will switch his attention to weak sinners. These children are so confused already and destroyed by mortal sin that they will be drawn towards him. Because of the darkness of their souls they will be unable to defend themselves. Pray hard that their souls can be saved.

This is an age where My church, although facing extraordinary obstacles brought about by sin, will now be rebuilt by My followers on earth. This will take time but when it happens, My church will return to its former glory and will be renewed in strength.

It will, together with all my chosen people, enter into My Father’s glorious kingdom. The sweetness of this event when the world will be rid of Satan and all things evil is to be welcomed children. This is the new era of peace that you have to look forward to on earth. Times may be difficult ahead of you children. Focus on Me and you will survive. Then will come the peace you are waiting for.

Your beloved Saviour Jesus Christ


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