183. Virgin Mary Message – Abandonment as a victim soul

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 183 
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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Sunday 4th September, 21:50

(This message was received after the Visionary recited the Holy Rosary and after an apparition where the Blessed Mother appeared for a period lasting 20 minutes in a private prayer room.)

I come in the name of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ. I am the Holy Mother of God.
My child you are suffering for My son and the last week has not been easy as you battle the force of evil in order to remain loyal to My precious Son. I come to you tonight to try to explain what is happening. As a victim soul you will experience periods of abandonment when thoughts of My Son are banished from your mind.

Then as you try to devote time to pray you will find you cannot do this. After this you will be confused and then the loneliness for My Son’s presence will cause you anguish. Do not fret because, hard as this is, it is a form of suffering which you must experience as a victim soul.
Please pray for courage and for the graces to accept this new form of suffering which will confuse you. Keep to your daily Mass and to receiving the most Holy Eucharist no matter what lies ahead. You will be goaded by The Deceiver to turn your back on this work.  You will soon, once again, begin to allow the doubts invade your soul. Ask all to pray for you now. For you gift to My Son is continuing to save souls everywhere. Never forget this no matter how difficult your suffering is.

My child I will always communicate with you when you lose your sense of direction for I am your beloved Mother. I will always be here to protect you and guide you towards My Son so that His wishes are adhered to. Go in love and peace.

Your Beloved Mother, Queen of Peace


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