188. Do not be fearful of The Warning await it with joy

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 188 
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Wednesday 7th September 2011, 23:45

My dearly beloved daughter tell My precious children that they must not be fearful of The Warning. Many will feel frightened and this is understandable. But they must listen carefully to Me. I will come to each of you. You will see Me and feel Me  in your heart and soul. My presence will flood your souls with the purest of love and compassion so you should be joyful. At last you will see Me and your soul will be enveloped with love and excitement.

For sinners and unbelievers most of them will simply be relieved that I exist. For their witness of My Holy Presence will be the blood that is needed to flood their souls with the nourishment missing for so long.  Many will suffer the torment, as I endure, when they see their sins unroll before them. Heartbroken when they see how they have offended Me they will beg Me to forgive them.

Children over the age of reason will also see how they, too, offend me through sin. In many instances those children who deny My existence, although they are aware of the truth, will run to Me. They will ask Me to embrace them and will not want Me to let them go.

Even the most hardened sinners will fail not to be affected by this supernatural event. Children you must ignore rumour. Ignore stories which are sensational. There is nothing to fear. The Warning must be awaited with pure joy in your hearts.

I await the time with so much love in My heart  when I will pour out My Divine Mercy over each of you everywhere throughout the world.  This is the moment when, afterwards, you will realise how fortunate you, of this generation, are. How can you not recognise the mercy that will be shown to mankind? In the past so many souls died in grievous sin. Now, all sinners will finally understand the truth at last.

It is not easy for My children to acknowledge the existence of Me or My Eternal Father. Without proof of a material kind many do not want to get to know Me. Many have no interest or belief in the divine realm. This event will open their eyes to the simple fact that life does not end on earth. It continues for eternity. That is the reason why they must prepare their souls.

The warning will show them what they must do to rectify this. Remember children I am your saviour. I love you all in a way that is beyond your comprehension. Await My arrival with love and calmness. Fear not the dramatic spectacle in the sky and the colour of the rays which will be spread everywhere to herald My arrival. This will prepare you for the moment.

Please pray that all mankind will feel joy in their hearts for this event will mean salvation for mankind on a magnitude that will save so many souls and enable them to enter the new paradise on earth.

Your beloved Saviour Jesus Christ


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