198. Doubts make you stronger in your love for Me

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 198 
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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Wednesday 21st September 2011, 22:00

I come in the name of Jesus who came in the flesh and was made man.
My dearly beloved daughter you are now so very close to My heart yet you can feel so far away. At times you think you have been separated from Me when in fact you have only drawn closer in union with Me.

So strong now,  My daughter,  I am building your confidence so that you can continue to proclaim My word to mankind. This is a very important mission. Because of the demons unleashed in their millions by Satan in these times they are attacking you on every corner. The first people they will use will be believers who will queue up to throw the first stone at you.

As My great act of Mercy for mankind gets closer so too will the demons try to block out the truth and prevent people, good people, from investing the time I need of them to save the souls of My children with no belief at all. Do not allow cruel slander which is gathering momentum  to distract you from My work.

Heed now My prophecy. For every man who repents at this time three more souls can be saved per man. Think of it like this. The blessings bestowed on man who seeks forgiveness will be given to these people’s families. Every soul who prays to Me now and asks Me to save their closest family and friends will receive My mercy in abundance.

Prayer is your salvation My children. The more you pray the more I will open your hearts and reveal My truth. My favours have now been extended in a way not witnessed on this earth before. However I cannot pour out these powerful graces unless you ask for them.

My daughter be advised that a viciousness, which will startle you, will now be seen in a mounting attack on these divine messages. Ignore them. Close your eyes. Block your ears.  Instead pray that such souls will see enlightenment.

Doubts My daughter are trials experienced not only by you but by my beloved followers. While they can be unsettling they are allowed by me to make  you all stronger in your love for Me.

Relax now My children. Accept My word. Live your lives as I expect you to. Put your families first before everything. They must never be neglected on My behalf. Pray now with quiet confidence and be assured that My prophecies will unfold at the command of My Eternal Father. They will happen according to the perfect timing laid down by My Father.

Never forget My children that many secrets given to My visionaries and seers foretelling future events to come have been mitigated through prayer. Many many ecological disasters have been averted because of the devotion shown to My Blessed Mother. Her devotees have averted many earthquakes, floods and Tsunamis  because of their prayers. Prayer can be very powerful. One person’s prayers and suffering can save a nation. Remember that.

I love all My children. The power to save each other lies in  your hands children. Don’t forget what I have said before. Prayer is your armour against evil  in this world. Prayer can mitigate global disasters. Keep praying for peace in your world. Pray, too, for an easy transition to the New Paradise on earth which awaits all My children seek redemption.

Your beloved Jesus


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