223. Your time on earth is at a crucial point

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 223 
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Sunday, October 16th 2011, 15:30

My dearly beloved daughter why is that when My word is interpreted do so many of My children find it so offensive. While My children must always discern such messages published by those who claim to come in My name they must also learn to keep their minds and hearts open at all times.

Oh how I wish My followers especially would open their eyes and welcome Me into their hearts. It is I, Jesus, who calls you to hear My voice as I urge you to come to Me in prayer.

Your time on earth is at a crucial point. There is not much time before I herald in the new era of peace and because of this I need you to prepare your souls now.

Do not allow arrogance blind you to the truth. Don’t you know I would never deceive you. Hear My instructions to block the Evil One from clouding your judgement. Do not allow him to keep you at a distance for if you would only hear My most holy word you will know that it is I, Jesus Christ, who calls you.

Children if you knew how much infestation has been laid down upon My precious souls the world over you would be shocked. This darkness even covers My precious followers from time to time. The hurt I feel, especially among those souls who pray regularly and show true devotion, when I witness your doubts brings tears of great sorrow.

Pray, pray, pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit. If  you open your hardened hearts and ask for the gift of discernment I will answer your call.

How sad you will be when the truth is revealed to you during The Warning. It is your prayers to save other souls that I now ask for. Surely if you doubt My word given through these messages you could still find it in your heart to pray for lost souls.

I love you and await your response to my pleas for prayer.

Your Jesus


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