291. God the Father: My Son is being sent to claim his rightful Throne

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 291 
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Saturday, December 24th, 2011, 18:00

My daughter, just as I sent a Saviour into the world the first time to save humanity,

I am now ready to send My Son, Jesus the Redeemer of mankind, once again to salvage those souls who could not be otherwise saved.

My children must understand the significance of the bitter sweet sacrifice I made for mankind when I sent My Son the first time.

When I realised that the only way to redeem mankind was to send a Saviour I knew I could not expect any prophet or chosen soul to suffer such a sacrifice. I decided through the second person of My Divinity that I would send a Son to save humanity. This was the only effective way to foil the plans of Satan such was my love for My children.

To watch My Son grow up to become a man was both delightful and painful knowing what lay ahead of Him. Yet because of the deep tender love I have for each of My children this was a sacrifice endured willingly in order to save My family.

Now that The Warning approaches I am also preparing the World, through these Holy messages, to welcome My Son for the Second Time.

The Second Coming of My beloved Son is close children. He is being sent to claim his rightful throne when He will reign as King of Mankind.

This glorious event will be spectacular and is the final part of the plan to save the Human Race from the evil that exists in your world. Satan will be cast away shortly. His followers and those wicked of heart will be shocked and dismayed. They will be expected to make a choice at that stage. Drop down and plead for mercy and be saved. Or refuse the great gift which will be presented to them.

My children unite all of you and do not fear ridicule. You are all being guided by The Holy Spirit and are being afforded the protection of the angels and saints in Heaven. It will be up to you, My followers, to proclaim the word and promise of My Son who wishes for these messages to be spread around the world.

It will also be through your prayers that lost sinners can be plucked from the arms of the Evil One.

Children you are in the early stages of the final battle. Your second chance of eternal salvation is being given to you through the mercy of My dearly beloved Son. Don’t squander this opportunity. Join as one in union with your family in Heaven to save your brothers and sisters on earth.

Rejoice this Christmas for it will be a special celebration as you must now help souls prepare for The Second Coming of My Son, after The Warning takes place.

I love you all children. Take my love. Embrace Me, your Eternal Father who will do everything possible to take you all into the New Era of Peace.

God the Father


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