299. Virgin Mary: Temporary peace in the world if dark souls convert

THE BOOK OF THE TRUTH - Message 299 
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Sunday, January 1st, 2012, 15:00

My child, time is close but my children must show patience. Everything is going to be according to the Holy Will of My Father.

Children you must realise that the forces of evil in your world threaten your faith in God the Father. These evil forces will not win for they have no power over My Heavenly Father. Yet they will torment their fellow brothers and sister through murder, war and control.

Pray that these dark souls see the light of My Son soon. If they do see and convert during The Warning then there will be a temporary peace on earth.

My Son, Jesus Christ, for whom all souls need to rely on for salvation, is impatient to bring to mankind His Great Mercy.

Pray hard, my children, for the salvation of these dark souls who may not survive The Warning.

These poor souls will be terrorised not only when they witness their sins, but when they see the darkness in which they are in. This darkness has clouded their souls so much, that the light of My Son’s mercy will make them feel weak and powerless.

Many will be too weak to grasp the mercy My Son will offer them.

Pray for these souls I urge you. My son is determined to save these souls first. He needs more prayer children. You must beg for mercy for these darkened souls.

My child ask my children to dedicate this Crusade of Prayer to Me, The Mother of Salvation:

Oh immaculate heart of Mary,
Mother of Salvation and Mediatrix of all Graces,
You who will participate in the salvation of humanity
from the wickedness of Satan,
Pray for us!
Mother of Salvation, pray that all souls can be saved
and will accept the love and mercy shown by Your Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ, who comes once again to save Humanity,
and to give us the chance of eternal salvation. Amen.

Your beloved Mother, Mother of Salvation


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