316. Sacred Servants you will be led towards the False Prophet

THE BOOK OF TRUTH - Message 316 
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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012, 14:00 

My dearest beloved daughter the time has come to tell the world to prepare their souls for My return to earth as foretold.

My people will rise and welcome Me, when I come again,  this time,  to reclaim My rightful throne as the King of Mankind.

For those who recognise My voice, you must trust in Me completely.

I will direct you on the path of truth so that each of you will be made worthy to enter the New Paradise on earth.

Reject the voice of darkness which will, at every opportunity, blind you and tempt you to turn your back on Me.

I am your beloved Saviour who died cruelly on the cross. Yet My suffering will continue until I have salvaged the remnant of My church on earth.

I am coming to save you yet again. Allow Me to do this without hindrance.

So many of you are already turning a deaf ear to My pleas to humanity to prepare your souls for this Glorious Era of Peace. Don’t you know that I love you?

It is because of the compassionate love I hold for each of you that I come, not just to warn you, but to help you prepare you for this great moment.

I realise that those of you who love Me, especially My sacred servants, watch guardedly for false prophets who may emerge. This is very important. Come now and ask Me to fill you with the Holy Spirit so that the truth can and will be revealed to you.

Should you not turn to Me, then you will fail to understand what it is I expect of you.

Come to Me. Hear Me now. Your suffering will be difficult for Satan will not give you a moment’s rest.

He knows that I am making myself known not just through My end time prophet Maria, but through many souls. Those souls of mine, chosen to be the end time messengers will be the ones who will be blocked by My sacred servants the most.

You will, sadly, be led by the deceiver towards the false prophet instead and his minions who spew lies and untruths everywhere.

For those of you quick to condemn my messengers be very careful. You, My sacred servants will be the main target of the deceiver.

It will be your minds which will be turned the other way first. For when you turn your back on Me, your Divine Saviour you will then steer My people in the wrong direction.

Unwittingly you will prevent them from hearing the truth from My divine lips.

You will starve My children of the nourishment essential to their spiritual growth.

Know now that the end times are upon you. Do not squander the time you have left living in a vacuum of lies and confusion.

The battle has begun and My remnant church will be saved as it marches with Me to My Glorious New Reign.

Pray that not one soul is left behind.

Pray also that you, holy servants of Mine are not responsible drawing My children away from the truth. From the light. From the salvation that is their right.

Follow me now and help me save souls.

Your beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ


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