319. The Sealed Book of Truth will be opened in preparation for My Second Coming

THE BOOK OF TRUTH - Message 319 
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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Friday, January 20th, 2012, 20:15

My dearly beloved daughter it is not necessary to worry about human opinion.

The views of mankind are nothing when compared to My Holy words given to you.

My word comes first. No other views against My word should concern you.

Time, My daughter, is very short now for Me to save humanity.

My daughter so much will now be expected of you so quickly that you will not be able to draw your breath.

There are many revelations now being imparted to you so that My children know how to prepare themselves properly.

Should you allow distractions such as people’s opinions or views take up your time unnecessarily then this will take you away from the work which is truly important.

Allow Me to fill you with love and comfort at this time My daughter.

The Warning is very close. As soon as My rays of mercy envelope the whole world anyone who believes in Me will repent.

Those who denounce My messages given to you, and who love Me, will turn back to My Sacred heart with love and joy in their souls.

No sooner will the warning have taken place than a number of events will occur.

The antichrist and his group, although weakened as a result of the global confession, will begin to plan his seizure of My Holy Church from within.

My army will take position and begin to fight to save the Holy Catholic church from ruination. They, the False Prophet and his followers will not win, My daughter but how I cry for those sacred servants of mine who will fall by the wayside.

So deluded will they be that they will think they are following the orthodox Catholic Church.

In fact they will be siding with the False Prophet who will rule over My Holy See with pride and contempt in his heart.

You, My daughter must ask My children to pray hard in order to mitigate this abomination.

I need prayer to save the souls of My poor misguided priests, bishops and cardinals blind to the truth.

The Holy seat of Peter will be desecrated by Satan’s fallen angels in league with the anti-christ and his various organisations.

All are one My daughter spawned from Satan.

I know that this is frightening but it will not last long. Prayer and much of it will ease and help avert these events.

Prepare your souls now children by going to confession if you are Catholic as soon as you can.  Otherwise I urge all of you to seek redemption for your sins with a purity of heart.

This will ease your suffering of penance at The Warning. Afterwards  you must pray for peace on earth.

Preparations for My Second Coming will commence immediately after the warning takes place.

The sealed book of truth will be opened and the secrets revealed through you, My daughter, for the whole world to see.

My book of truth will be given to the world so that your souls are purified in union with Me.

Only then will you be ready to come with Me into the Era of My Father’s Divine Will, the Era of Peace, My new Paradise on earth.

Your beloved Jesus, Saviour of Mankind


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