362. Join together as we enter the gates of the New Paradise

THE BOOK OF TRUTH - Message 362 
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Messages given to a European woman to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Thursday, March 1st, 2012, 19:55
My dearly beloved daughter many of My children will now be saved because of the prayers and suffering of My cherished followers whose love for Me exceeds that known to much of mankind.

In this period of intensity I hold out and rely on My followers to help Me to save souls. Many of these souls will not survive the act of My Divine Mercy and will die in mortal sin.

So many of you have responded to My call with such obedience and generosity of heart.

You bring Me great comfort.

I bless you My dear followers and ask you to continue to pray for the souls of others.
All of humanity will be given the gift of My Mercy shortly.

Not one will fail to understand the truth of My existence. But not all will want to embrace Me even when the truth is revealed to them.

They are the souls I pine for.

These are the lost souls for whom My beloved Mother spills tears.

These are the sinners you must help Me save because I want to save all of God’s children.

Pray and join together to help Me draw every single soul together as we enter the gates of the New Paradise

Crusade Prayer (35) Prayer for souls to enter Paradise:

O My Jesus
Help me to help you salvage the remnants of your children on earth
I pray that you will, through your mercy, salvage souls from the spirit of darkness
Accept my trials, sufferings and sorrows in this life to save souls from the fires of hell
Fill me with the graces to offer you these sufferings with love and joy in my heart so that we will all unite, as one in
love for the Blessed Trinity and live with you, as one holy family, in Paradise.
Children you know how  much I love you.

You who know Me will understand the depths of My pain and suffering because of the number of people who reject My hand of mercy.

Only you, through your prayers, can help these souls and so bring Me the comfort I desire.

Keep close to Me now.

It won’t be long.

Be patient and pray.

Relax, feel My love.

All will be well.

Your beloved Jesus Christ


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