954. I will not stand by and watch while you destroy your lives, which can be yours for eternity

THE BOOK OF TRUTH - Message 954
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Saturday, October 26th, 2013, 17:52

My dearly beloved daughter, when people try to ascertain which of God’s children I wish to bring My Mercy to – the answer is, all of them. I do not discriminate, because I love every soul born, each of whom was created by My Father. No soul can be excluded from this My final Mission to save humanity. I come to bring salvation to all.

Ask any good parent if they would sacrifice one child over another and they would tell you this, “No matter how badly they behave or hurt me, I can never reject them, because they are part of my flesh.” The same is true of the enemies of God. They offend Him and they cause Him great sorrow, but He still loves them, for they came from Him, although they are starved, because of the sin of humanity.

How is it, you may ask, that I can forgive those who hurt Me the most? Who scourge others and cause them pain and suffering? It is because I love them. I will always love the sinner. Their sins disgust Me, but I will always be waiting to embrace them.

This Mission is about forgiveness. It is all about saving your souls. Harsh though My Words may be at times, they are given to you because I love you and I cannot bear the thoughts of losing you. Those who have betrayed Me, because of life’s ambitions, must never be afraid to come to Me and ask for My help. I miss you. I Am sorrowful, but I will use every intervention without breaching My Father’s Covenant of free will, which will always remain yours until the new beginning. Nothing you do will separate you from Me when you ask Me to forgive you.

I will engulf the world in My Mercy and for every wicked act carried out by My enemies, to drag you into error, I promise that I will intervene. I will not cast you to the wolves, who want to devour you. I will not stand by and watch while you destroy your lives, which can be yours for eternity. I will hold you up, right up until the time when you will have to make the final decision. I will not let go of your soul that easily. I died a cruel death to save you. This time, you will witness a most powerful Divine Intervention to win you back. You are Mine. I Am yours. The beast will not win over souls easily, for I Am God, a formidable force. I Am All-Powerful. Satan has nothing, but his cunning will attract those weak amongst you. I urge all of you, who love Me, to pray that the weak will accept My Divine Intervention with love in their hearts.

Your Jesus


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