1093. Mother of Salvation: The conversion, Promised by my Father, will begin this month

THE BOOK OF TRUTH - Message 1093 
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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014, 16:27

My child, the conversion, Promised by my Father, will begin this month and will spread across the world by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Souls will be spared and great Mercy will be shown by my Son, to the most hardened sinners.

Many people, who have no belief in God and live their lives as if there is no Eternal Life, will be the first people my Father desires to be shown the Light of the Truth. These people are very much loved and their lack of belief will be replaced by a love and a longing for reconciliation with Jesus Christ, Who was forsaken by them. The souls of those who have committed terrible sin and who are infested by the influence of the devil will be next. They will be given great Graces and my Son’s Mercy will pierce their hearts, so suddenly, that their conversion will be instant. So unexpected will this Miracle be, that when they begin to spread the news of the Gospels, many will sit up and listen to them.

It will be because of the conversion of the most afflicted, that many more souls can and will be saved. It will then be up to all those who already follow the Truth, as to whether or not they desire to remain loyal to my Son and to His Teachings. It will be these souls who will suffer the most, for they are of God and because of this, every effort will be made by the evil one to torment them with doubts about the Truth. These are the souls who will be drawn away from my Son and the ones the evil one covets the most.

For the protection of the faith of Christians everywhere, please recite this Crusade Prayer:

Crusade Prayer (144): To protect the Christian Faith

O Mother of Salvation,
please intercede on behalf of the souls of Christians all over the world.
Please help them to preserve their faith
and to remain loyal to the Teachings of Jesus Christ.
Pray that they will have the strength of mind and spirit
to uphold their faith at all times.
Intercede, dear Mother, on their behalf, to open their eyes to the Truth
and to give them the Grace to discern any false doctrine,
presented to them in the Name of your Son.
Help them to remain true and loyal servants of God
and to renounce evil and lies,
even if they have to suffer pain and ridicule because of this.
O Mother of Salvation, protect all your children
and pray that every Christian will follow the path of the Lord,
until his dying breath. Amen.

Children, Jesus loves everyone. He will always fight to protect you from harm and He will intervene in the most extraordinary ways to protect you from every evil, in the days of darkness, which you will have to endure in His Name. Trust in me, your beloved Mother, as I will intercede on your behalf to bring you closer to my Son during the trials ahead.

Thank you for responding to this Call from Heaven.

Your beloved Mother, Mother of Salvation, Mother of God


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